When are Priority and General tickets going on sale?
  • Priority tickets will go on sale on the 8th Jan at 2pm GMT. General tickets will go on sale 1 week later on 15th Jan also at 2pm GMT.


Why have you added content specific to Weekend and Priority passes?

  • You spoke, we listened. We hope that with exclusive collectable items, access to exhibitor deals, specific early morning programming and a discount on the official MCM Merchandise Store goes some way to addressing your feedback. 


What does the exclusive pin badge look like?

  • This is TBC at this time but we hope to be able to confirm details in January.


What comic is the variant cover going to be for?

  • This is TBC at this time but we hope to be able to confirm details in January.


I’ve bought a weekend ticket, where do I get my exclusive pin badge / comic?

  • You can collect this from the official MCM Merchandise store on the show floor.


Does the 15% discount apply to all merchandise?

  • The discount applies to all MCM Merchandise including MCM t-shirts, pins, patches, glasses and tote bags. The discount doesn’t apply to any licensed items, eg Marvel t-shirts or Marvel plush toys or any of our Game Of Thrones or Star Trek merchandise.


How do I redeem the 15% discount on Merchandise?

  • A 15% discount will be added to relevant merchandise that you add to your basket when purchasing a Weekend or Priority ticket. You can also take advantage of your 15% discount at the official MCM Merchandise Store during the weekend of the show.


What Exhibitor deals does a weekend or priority ticket holder get access to?

  • Details are TBC at this stage. More information will follow in early 2019.


What are the MCM prize draws?

  • We run a lot of competitions for swag throughout the year and for 2019 we will be entering anyone one who buys a Weekend or Priority ticket for any of our shows into specific prize draws, meaning if you purchase a Weekend or Priority ticket, you’ll have a better chance of winning cool stuff. It’s just another way we want to reward our most loyal fans.


How will early access to purchase photo ops work?

  • We will confirm details in early 2019.


What early morning programming will Weekend and Priority ticket purchasers get access to?

  • Our content team is working hard on curating the most exciting show for you, and details will follow from Early Jan, right up until the week of the show(s). 


You’ve changed your kids go free policy, what’s new?

  • We are really pleased to make it easier for you to bring your little superheroes to MCM shows. For 2019 up to two kids go free (aged 10 and under) for every ticket type.
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